Addiction – The Simplicity of Cure

As a Homeopath, I have handled numerous clients with habit forming practices. I have actually listed below a few solutions that may assist with your addiction. Remedies should be 30c strength as well as needs to be taken 3 times a day until you start really feeling much better. Once you start feeling much better, just take another treatment when you begin feeling worse.

Nux Vomica

Take this solution if you work hard. You might stress over work, eat unhealthy food as well as drink alcohol to cope. You might misbehave solidified and worried.

Arsenicum Album

Take this treatment if you really feel nervous and also restless. You may be off your food or you might have a big hunger. You may feel ill at the view or smell of food. You are tired however will certainly still get things done. You like every little thing in its area.


Take this treatment if you such as to be perfect. You may have had violent or strict moms and dads when maturing. You may have had to handle adult obligation as a child. You need to be a ‘good lady’ ‘good child’.

Natrum muriaticum

Take this if you discover it difficult to share your troubles with people. You like to cry alone. You don’t such as individuals to obtain as well close. You may like salt. You dwell on previous arguments or adverse situations. You locate it tough to forgive. This is additionally great for previous unresolved grief/loss.


Take this if you feel you bend and guide to obtain individuals love and also approval. You can be clingy and also clingy. You may weep a great deal. You don’t like being on your own.


Take this if you have a philosophical technique. You may assume more than you ‘do’. It is also excellent to recover power where energy is depleted as a result of hazardous liver.

Avena sativa

This is a good tonic for those that are thin as well as weak as a result of too many drugs. When made use of with a great diet plan, it aids strengthen the body.

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